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copy 生活向上の重視 独創性の重視 貢献の重視 人間性の尊重
ひとがいて 自分がいる。 お互いの利益のために 自ら学び 拓き 働きかけよう。

Human Development with Fairness and Equal Opportunities
  • Equal opportunities for status and pay promotion through fair assessment system
  • Equal oppotunities irrespective of gender, full emplayees or part-time workers
Good Communication and Sincere Thankfulness
  • The annual letter from the president to the employees’ families reviewing the past year and expressing thankfulness
  • Promotion to Call each other by personal name(―san), not by title of their business position
  • Hold a party of thanks for “Matsumoto OB’ Club”

Contribution to Society
  • Product development base on "Environment" and "Health"
  • Select Eco-friendly raw material (Environmental conservation agreements support)
Community contribution policy
  • Activities of solve regional affairs with Chamber of commerce
  • Support "Aid activities Edgawa"
  • Local based by Safety first(commended as superior disaster prevention office)

Develop technical skill
  • Invested 10% of sale to create only one product
  • Produce unique product by technical discussion and joint study with University
  • Bounty of patent and engineering improvement
  • Held technical lecture meeting
Coaching and promote unfettered thought
  • Draw pictures with our corporate philosophy as themes
  • Support employees for self-improvement , by offering opportunities to participate seminars , correspondence courses , or English conversation classes to employees
  • New employee training, public meeting of management and staff

Improvement of Life Quality
  • From seniority system to Capability-Qualification system, further toward the system based on business result / job classification
  • Bonus assessment based on count of positive points earned
  • Support for educational and training expenses
Toward Peace of Mind and Good Health Care
  • Aid system by " Matsumoto Medical Fund " to cover expensive medical expenses
  • Assistance system is available to receive other specific medical checks (such as intestine , lung cancers) in addition to regular health checks
  • Health insurance is provided for directors , general managers and deputies
  • Generous accident insurances are provided at the time of business travel abroad
  • System to assist expense for traveling
  • Establishment of Matsumoto Library