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Our company originated from the Matsumoto Chemical Institute—an R&D and manufacturing unit of Iwashiya Matsumoto Ihei Shoten (currently Matsumoto Trading)—established in Ichikawa, Chiba in January 1939, which started business as a contract manufacturer of cosmetic products. Under the current name Matsumoto Fine Chemical, our company has been very well-received by customers as a supplier specializing in the manufacture and sale of organometallic compounds “ORGATIX” since the 1960s.

Our current core products of organometallic compounds are compounds made by creating an organic reaction on a central metal such as titanium, zirconium, silicone and aluminum. These products are used by a diverse range of industries and customers as catalysts, hardeners, cross-linking agents, surface treatment agents and coupling agents, as well as for basic chemicals, inks, paints, electronic materials, metals, glasses and plastics. We take great pride in our strengths, which include customization based on customer needs for special volumes, prescriptions and packaging; the development of original products that satisfy customer requirements; and the ability to make prompt proposals.

In recent years, the chemical industry has come to require a higher level of environmental friendliness in product development as the result of the global introduction of laws to control chemical substances, the revised RoHS Directive, and the updated REACH Authorisation List. To this end, we will make further efforts in our R&D activities while introducing new measurement, analysis and manufacturing equipment to improve our manufacturing environment so as to fulfill the different needs of customers who require products with ultra-high purity.

By visiting customers and providing product demonstrations and technical seminars we are committed to the timely delivery of the latest technological information, while offering satisfactory product development that fully caters to customer needs. Thank you for choosing our products and your continued custom.

Shinji Omori